An unexpected oasis of tranquility implemented with the help of an itinerary away from the crowed with wake ups at leisure on one the world's busiest tourist beats. Understated elegance (minimalist) noticed as soon as you step aboard into the light, uncluttered reception, with pale walls, stylish sofas and tropical plants.


The cabins with jazzy names such as Orient Red, Journey to China describe the theme of each cabin all with flashes of color in throws or headboard, an op-art cushion, a quirky ostrich-shell lantern or a treasure box giving you a cozy & warm atmosphere. Bathrobes are set on your bed for you to relax in during your cruise & teak floors await you in your bathroom


Guests rightly judged that they are sophisticated enough to be interested in sampling the local cuisine and preferring the tables set up for two or fours in the dining room and on the sun deck during the out doors meals

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